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Catalyst: A thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something; the doer of an action; a person who makes things happen.


Our Story

In 1991 The Catalyst was the first coffee cart in Montana – acting as a Catalyst for the oncoming coffee revolution. As a gay-owned business for its entire run, the
café was also an important haven for the LGBTQIA+ community, a safe space, and a catalyst for changing societal attitudes.

Denis Keast & Jim O’Byrne closed the Catalyst Café in 2023 after operating it for
14 years. In that time the café grew to become a huge part of their lives, and an
important presence in downtown Missoula. We believe meaningful connections
make life better. The Catalyst built meaningful connections in the Missoula valley
for over 30 years. We wish to continue feeding those community connections.

Catalyst2GO is a fresh take on takeaway – offering delicious, wholesome grab and-go fare. We make it easier for you to eat well on the run.

Eating and dining habits have changed dramatically in the past few years. We hope our new concept will fit into the busy, ever-changing lives of our customers. The Catalyst was at first a coffee cart, then a coffee shop, then a full service restaurant. Now it is time for a new iteration.

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